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Why work with us?

We provide proactive, ongoing advice
and personal service

Switzer is committed to its clients’ long-term financial security. As a foundation financial services firm, Switzer has built a solid reputation over many decades.

We differ from the majority of the financial planning industry as we don’t receive commissions on our client’s investments from any institution. We have a transparent fee structure rebating all commission we receive back to our clients. As a result our advisers provide conflict- free advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Wherever practical we adopt a fee-for-service pricing model agreeing on a fee with the client based on the amount of work we put into their unique situation, not on the size of their investment/s.

Using our unique financial advisory process we will take the time to clearly understand you and what is important to you. Once we can picture your situation, your goals and your objectives we will structure your financial planning affairs so you can take advantage of potential opportunities and achieve your desired outcomes.

As change occurs over time, so will your goals and your financial circumstances.

Our financial advisory process will make sure that you're always on track to achieving your goals and the lifestyle you desire.

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Wealth management

Our purpose is to help you assess the wide variety of financial advice options available to you in order to put you in control of your financial situation. We will help you clearly understand:

  • Superannuation
  • Financial markets
  • Investments
  • Legislation & taxation


Financial planning

Using a financial planner, can help you to:

  • Reach your lifestyle goals and objectives
  • Build and protect your wealth
  • Manage your cash flow effectively
  • Boost your savings and consolidate your debts
  • Deal with the financial impacts of change
financial security, planning, advice, money, wealth

Retirement & SMSFs


Planning for retirement can be a challenging task. Switzer Advisory can provide a complete range of services around retirement & SMSFs including:

  • Management of all correspondence
  • Day-to-day portfolio administration
  • Tracking of all investment activity & reporting
  • Monthly reconciliations and cash transaction reports
  • Annual fund financials and income tax returns
  • External fund audit


In addition, our SMSF administration service also includes:

  • Member balance reporting
  • Annual fund financials and income tax return
  • External fund audit



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Income & asset protection

Insuring your key financial assets will give you peace of mind. Switzer Advisory can assist with:

  • Income and asset protection
  • Insuring your key financial assets
  • Home and investment loan analysis
  • Personal risk insurance
  • Property analysis